BiglyBT is a feature filled, open source, ad-free, bittorrent client.
Since 2003, BiglyBT's team has worked hard to bring you the best open source torrent product in the market. Unlike our competitors, our client is ad-free and our installer contains no third party offers.
We provide migration tools for several popular bittorent clients. Switching to BiglyBT from projects using the same source is simple and requires no interactions beyond the initial migration approval. Your settings, downloads, and plugins will all be there and ready to use.
Our installer contains no offers or ads.


2024/04/24: New features and performance/bug fixes as usual! Version 3.6 released.
2023/11/10: New features and performance/bug fixes as usual! Version 3.5 released.
2023/05/17: Lots of new features and performance/bug fixes! Version 3.4 released.
2023/01/31: New transfer history view, improved Windows dark theme, performance/bug fixes! Version 3.3 released.
2022/10/13: Lots of new features and performance/bug fixes! Version 3.2 released.
2022/07/05: New Right-Bar and All-Blocks views, performance/bug fixes and much more! Version 3.1 released.
2022/02/25: Lots of new features and performance/bug fixes! Version 3.0 released.
2021/12/12: For information, BiglyBT is NOT affected by the "log4j" vulnerability CVE-2021-44228
2021/11/17: New Tag features; Simple automation plugin; Batch file move and more! Version 2.9 released.
2021/07/09: Lots of new features and fixes! Version 2.8 released.
2021/05/12: Congratulations to our user d00rsfan who has just achieved 11 years of uptime as a BiglyBT user!!!
2021/03/18: New Light-Seeding mode; Disk Op + Peer Set enhancements; Per-Download Country Stats and more! Version 2.7 released.
2020/12/17: New Disk Operations view; Faster Magnets; Country statistics totals and more! Version 2.6 released.
2020/09/21: All Pieces view; BitTorrent V2 Support and more! Version 2.5 released - read about it on TorrentFreak
2020/05/11: Tracker Activity view; Quick Links toolbar; Close-down progress and more! Version 2.4 released.
2020/03/04: Tracker session statistics; Sidebar indicators; Better bootstrapping and more! Version 2.3 released.
2019/12/10: Sidebar Views; Swarm Merging improvements; Multiple Column Sort and more! Version 2.2 released.
2019/09/09: Beautiful Tagging UI changes, Swarm Discoveries 'explore' mode; experimental OSX Dark Mode support and more! Version 2.1 released.
2019/08/13: BiglyBT's installers now include an uTorrent and BitTorrent client migration plugin. No need to manually re-add all your torrents and settings.
2017/11/29: Read an interview about BiglyBT with the Free Software Foundation.
Read about us on TorrentFreak


For general discussion about BiglyBT usage and features please head over to our reddit discussions.
To report bugs or make enhancement requests the best place to go is our github issues page.